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Detect Fraudulent Behavior With Our Help

Special Business Operations LLC offers fraud investigation services for commercial lenders. With our decades of industry experience, we are able to pick up on some fraudulent behavior that recently became prevalent which include:

Lease Fraud

Lessors are discovering that the values of leases and equipment are inflated. In most incidents of lease fraud, it is either the debtor, vendor, or lease broker who inflated the values.

Internal Cover Ups

Mid-level and senior management staff conceal the losses and improper execution of creditor documents to present the bottom line in a better light.

Floor Plan Fraud

Due to the current state of the economy, the financial industry is failing to recognize that debtors are in a survival mode. This leads to them to provide false and misleading financial statements, documentation, and other information.

Charge Off Recovery/Special Assets

Lenders are finally realizing that recovery is now important to their stockholders. The use of Charge Off Recovery/Special Assets offers cash flow in tough financial times.

Consult With Us

Speak with a legal professional for more information and guidance on fraudulent behavior and what solutions can be pursued.

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